8 Ways To Save MONEY When Moving House

Feb 2019
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Moving house can be an expensive process.

So just how can you ensure you’re tackling your move in the most cost-effective way?

Before you know it, the costs start to add up! But have no fear! We’ve got your back.

With these eight helpful tips in check, you’ll easily keep your costs down (especially when moving house on a budget).

1. Get Organised!

It’s time to decide what you REALLY need (No, you don’t need that parrot shaped lamp Aunt Tania gave you for your birthday ten years ago). Now might be the time to declutter and really consider what possessions you want to bring with you into your new home!

Do your research and choose a reputable mover.

The cost of a removalist in Perth is determined by a range of factors – such as the number of items being moved, and the distance between moves. Selecting a reliable removalist in Perth is the first step towards ensuring that the price of your move is fair.

Moving with a reputable company will save you funds in the long run (Remember, cheapest isn’t always best). Hiring a trustworthy removal company means that workers receive a higher standard of instruction, and are likely trained in the safe handling of furniture.

3. Plan And Book A Removalist In Advance

Planning your move far in advance is necessary to ensure that you get a good deal.

Like many businesses, removalists have busy and quiet seasons. Booking your movement during busy times will mean that the price you are given during the entire season is likely to be less competitive.

Save money when moving house box of 5 dollar Australian notes inside of moving box.

4. Be Prepared

Be prepared for when you arrive in your new home.

This is essential when looking to keep the costs down, and waiting until the last minute to organise things such as utilities, WI-FI, or adequate storage for items that do not fit in your new home. If you organise these in advance, you won’t be rushing to make decisions, and can shop around for the most cost-effective quotes.

5. Packing Strategically

Good packing can make all the difference during the moving process.

How you’ve packed your boxes into a moving truck can affect not only the size of your move but also impact whether belongings are damaged in transit.

Take your time packing your belongings properly, ensuring you’ve maximised available space and ensuring that valuables are adequately wrapped to stop items from getting damaged during the moving process.

6. Find or Rent Boxes

Buying boxes may not look that expensive at first, but the costs can quickly add up, especially if you are moving to a family home. You can find second-hand boxes for free from grocery stores, or hardware stores.

7. Use Existing Storage Items

Use existing items you already have around the house to store items during your move.

Storage tubs, washing baskets, bags, suitcases, and even rubbish bags can pack clothes. Not only are you saving dollars not buying boxes, but you’re also saving the environment by minimising plastic!

8. Use soft furnishings instead of bubble wrap

Before spending money on bubble wrap, you can use existing linen and cloth to separate and protect your breakables when packing.

At Advanced Perth Removals, we are professional removalists in Hillarys who can offer you a fully extensive removal and warehouse service, from packing to storage and everything in between. We can assist in making your next house move hassle-free. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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