How to plan your Office removals ?

Feb 2018
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Office removals are a complicated affair. Since you live in a commercial place like Perth, you might have certainly experienced it by now. You have very little time at your disposal, and all the things have to be done within the limited time. You need to inform your clients about your new location, inform the postal department of the change of address, and make arrangements for the shifting of office furniture, equipment, documents, etc. A moving checklist will be a great help for you in this situation.

So if you are in charge of your office removals, the first step you must take is the preparation of a checklist. Sometimes, as this sort of task comes to you very rarely, you may not be able to list down the things-to-do in a sequential order. If you find yourself in a confused situation, approach your friends or relatives who have some first-hand knowledge of moving. They will be able to give you some ideas from which you can work out a plan.

If it is a large office ideally you should get the help of the managers of various departments to prepare the checklist to get help on office removals. Since they know more about the inventory of their department they are able to give you a better picture. Also, check with them if they have any worn out items that need repair or replacement. If so, make arrangements for that as well; often furniture of one office doesn’t usually fit into another. So instead of taking the entire furniture to the new place and paying for the transportation, try to dispose of it right away and make way for new and appropriate ones, since you are moving to a new office.

Office removals are different compared to home move as it needs expensive equipment. So it’s advisable to call a moving company. You can ask your friends or colleagues for advice. Get quotes from many moving companies and compare prices. Alternatively, employ a moving consultant to manage the process on your behalf. They plan everything and employ a company that does moving for you.

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