Oct 2018
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The Advanced Perth Removals is an expert commercial mover in Perth who keeps a proven track record in the sense of successful commercial movers in time and in the budget. Experience over 20 years and offering a consistently high level of service, we are proud to become one of the most trusted commercial removalists company in Perth.

We have the capabilities and industry knowledge to ensure that your move goes as smooth as possible and your business takes minimum downtime in the moving process.

Before we service your move, we want to conduct a comprehensive survey to gain a complete understanding of your needs and situation. Then we will give a solution that meets your complete requirements and will work hard to allow that all your requirements are met, no matter how complicated they may be.

We know that downtime for your business is too much costly, so we offer a commercial mover strategy which guarantees you to downtime is taken to the minimum.

We also provide commercial removal services at a weekend which allows you to leave your office on Friday and all of your equipment and furniture is packed up, moved and unpacked during the weekend at the desired new moving place. So you can start your work from the working week at your new destination with all the facilities and equipment in place the following Monday.

Advanced Perth Removals have an expert team that is skilled and expert to safely move literally every item from the old place, items of stationary, computers, technical equipment, to heavy furniture and etc.

We have the skills and expertise to safely move literally every item from your premises, from small items of stationery to computers, monitors and technical equipment, to heavy furniture.


We have a great solution of experience for the transportation of sensitive office equipment like computers, servers and electronic devices, as well as confidential documentation files and other important items. Even more, our enclosed and secure trucks are inserted with GPS tracking and are currently the most advanced in Perth, so you can take rest and ensure that your items will be secure during the moving process and well looked after the move.

Our highly personalized pro-active and service, thorough approach which also ensures that you are fully prepared for your move.

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